Discuss this case from the perspective of one counseling theory in terms of the theorys major tenets. Include the following in applying the theory specifically to the case of Frederick:
General view of human nature
Conceptualization of how normal and abnormal development takes place
The theorys perspective on early trauma and loss in subsequent personality development
The description of the change process in counseling
Specific roles of client and counselor in the counseling process
Goals of the counseling

Treatment strategies and techniques common to the theory
The strengths and weaknesses of the theory
Describe your comprehensive counseling plan for the client that is inclusive of short and long-term academic, career and psychosocial goals
Discuss whether your theoretical orientation matches the expectations of your practicum site. If there are differences, how you reconcile these differences

Describe the role of supervision in facilitating your work with this case.
Fully address the cultural factors emerging in the case and note their implications for working with Frederick.
Discuss and cite the current outcome research of an evidence-based practice (at least 2 citations must be from professional journals from PSYCH-INFO) (please limit the use of online resources and please refrain from using blogs and other non-professional sources)

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