Week 1 Discussion
Baker Miller – “Domination and Subordination”
What is the concept “the dominant group”? How does dominance operate in U.S. society? Who is dominant? Who is subordinate? Why?
What can we gain from understanding how such dominance is constructed and maintained? Use examples.
Identify some types of domination that you are aware of and discuss how we can stop or eliminate them.
What stood out for you in the reading?
Lorber – “Night to His Day”
5. What is the difference between sex and gender? Are social constructs real and do they have effects? Think of examples of historical evidence to prove your point.
6. Discuss the multiple ways gender is constructed – use examples. How do you construct yourself?
7. Discuss the multiple ways gender roles impact one’s life experience – use examples?
8.. What happens when someone does not fit in norms (stereotypes) surrounding femininity and masculinity?
Definition of Gender

Gender Construction & Inequality

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