Discussion: Fugue in G Minor
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Listen to Fugue in g minor by Johann Sebastian Bach. (Make sure that the version you listen to is performed on pipe organ.) Review the information for this piece both in the published lecture notes in the module, as well as in the textbook.
This polyphonic music represents the very highest musical level achieved by composers during the Baroque Era.
Discuss the following 3 topics:
1. Does the fact that this music is instrumental and not vocal diminish the music’s impact? Why/why not?
2. The instrument you hear is the pipe organ. If this music were composed now, on what instrument(s) would you choose to perform it for the most impact and interest? If you would not change the instrumentation, why not?
3. Fugue in g minor is considered to be absolute music; “music that exists for it own beauty and does not tell a story.” Is absolute music still being composed today in the popular genre? Give examples and tell me why your example contains elements of absolute music.
1. This is a discussion, not a short answer question.

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