1) Please listen to the podcast linked above.
2) Then, imagine that your team comprises the marketing department for New York City Public Works. The new mayor is a strong environmental advocate and worked for the City’s Public Works department during the Poop Train years. He thought it was a wonderful program and is enthusiastic about getting it reinstated.
However, there are two main problems:
Problem 1
First, while the “cost per-resident”, as mentioned in the podcast, is only 25 cents a month, the City has determined that the best way to fund the program is through a special-purpose local-option sales tax (SPLOST
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), like those currently used in other states such as Georgia. This equates to a 1% sales tax within the city on most items, excluding groceries and prescription drugs. However, since the SPLOST is an optional tax, residents have to vote for it to be passed. Thus, the City must convince its residents that the sales tax increase is worth its return-on-investment.
Problem 2
Second, so much time has passed that, although the farmers mentioned in the podcast are still on-board and willing to help, many of the newer farmers in the country are unaware of the biosolids program and its potential benefits. Thus, the City cannot possibly push through the reinstatement of the program without knowing that there is a market for it or its products.
Your TEAM will be assigned to either Problem 1 or Problem 2 above, as indicated by my initial comment on your discussion board.
As the marketing department for New York City’s Public Works, it’s up to you to develop a campaign to solve the problem to which your team is assigned.
Prior to Discussion:
Think about your product, your likely production scale (i.e., the population of New York City; you can focus on Manhattan), and your target audience.
Review related topics covered in the textbook (HINT: Keep breadth of concepts in mind. Almost everything is related).
Work independently to develop a Unique Selling Point/Single Most Persuasive Idea and to develop some sub-points/sub-themes you think that the campaign should address.
During Discussion:
Determine the meaningful characteristics of the situation.
Employ concepts from class are most relevant to the situation.
Discuss different approaches to solving this problem.
Decide on a unified approach and how to implement.
To receive full credit for the discussion:
One of your comments MUST INCLUDE your Unique Selling Point/Single Most Persuasive Idea.
Contribute at least two substantial comments — either a stand-alone post or in response to a teammate
To be considered substantial, a comment must be at least a paragraph (four sentences) in length and must relate to the material highlighted in the bullets above
I reserve the right to award additional points to individuals who significantly contribute more than the required minimum.
Comments posted to this Discussion after the due date, WILL NOT count toward participation. The logic for this is that the Discussion should be closed in order to be Summarized. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

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