HEA1101 RESEARCH ASSESSMENT ASSIGNMENT: For this assignment, you will choose any medical topic that we will be going over during the class semester. Review your book for topics. You will then construct a paper that is at least 3 pages. The paper should be constructed in APA format. Below are the requirements for the Research Assessment. All aspects should be included.

Students will choose a Topic in Healthcare today.

Students will clearly state the issue and give historical background on the topic.

How does your topic relate to the Affordable Care Act?

Does your topic reflect Managed Care or Health Insurance? How?

How does the Medical Workforce impact your topic?

Discuss cost, access, class system, and your topic.

How does the Government play a role in your topic?

Discuss Information Technology and your topic.

Discuss Ethical Issues and Legal Issues in Healthcare and your topic. Discuss the future of your topic? 1. List at least 3 references from scholarly sources. Wikipedia does not count as a scholarly source. 2. Include a title page and a reference page that are separate from the main part of the assignment.

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