Step 1: Conduct an analysis on the implication of Blockchain on Securities Exchange or Securities Clearing House.
1.1 Identify and assess the implications of disruptive technologies and trends on business development and growth for your firm. Must Identify at least 3 opportunities and 3 threats. Must include Porter’s Five Forces.
1.2 Make strategic recommendations to navigate the uncertainty and risk associated with those disruptive trends
1.3 Develop/revise business processes to implement those recommendations to address one or more of the trends. Think about how you would prepare the business to be ready if that disruption occurred. What signals would you look for to trigger a more formal work stream on creating that new service?
Step 2: Prepare the project report
The report should include:
2.1 An executive summary
2.2 A brief overview of the firm and the line of business upon which you are focusing. This will help contextualise the rest of the project report.
2.3 The primary products of your analysis, which should include: (1) your assessment of the disruptive technologies (Blockchain) and trends (2) your strategic recommendations and (3) your implementation plan for the intended business process(es).
2.4 Any limitations or caveats
2.5 Reference list.
The project report is to be a professional business document that you would be proud to share with the Senior Management Team of your firm (A Securities Exchange or A Securities Clearing House). It should be aimed at providing them with practical insights to the landscape that might lay ahead, and have actionable recommendations that they can use to mitigate those potential risks. It should be a pragmatic.

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