Develop 2 potential reserach questions. For each, explain why you are interested in exploring the topic or why the topic is important to study. The questions could relate to each other in some way, or they could be completely independent of each other. The purpose of this exercise is to help you identify researchable questions. I will provide oral feedback regarding the plausibility of the question, and perhaps give you some tips to help you get started.
Base the research questions off of the Library Exercise topics.
Here is the feedback from the Library Exercise:
Love yout ropic. Very important, very timely and needed.
School safety is one of the well researched/ documented topics, so you should not have any diffuclty finding studies, just be careful that you are NOT choosing studies that are too old. Anything in past 15 years is good.

you might fidn studies from 1990s that are pivotal and gives you insight about how school safety issues unfolded systemically over time period. It can be your starting point to understand the trend but won’t be helpful to include in the literature review.
Also, you NEED to look at APA.
You second study is relevant to the first one, but drifting a litle or let’s say– you need to define it more precisely. Ex: how school safety affects students’ mental health??
I am bit confused after looking at the third study. are you focusing on the mental health or safety?
Your good bet is to find one RESEARCH study that you really like (feel relvant, feel like.. this is something that you want to do) and then look at the reference list of that study. You will find all the relevant studies there. It will make things more cohesive.

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