Make sure to read the step 1 and step 2 file before do this !!! There are 3 stages in this project. I have done the step 1 and 2. This is for the final analysis. I will upload the paper for step 1 and 2. I already done the interview. I will also upload the 2 reading from class. Please include in the final analysis and connect it. Use paper 1 and paper 2 that I already do for the final analysis. The topic that I choose you can find it in step 1 which is race/ethnicity and weight. I will upload 2 reading on each topic to give you option but just choose 1 reading on each topic. So one for weight and one for race/ethnicity.
Beauty Narrative
For this paper you will interview someone, of your choice, to discuss themes brought up in class such as what is society’s standard of beauty, and how people achieve, augment and/or maintain this standard of beauty. You will need to choose a person who feels comfortable sharing with you their opinion of beauty, and what they have done to enhance (e.g., augmentation, medical intervention…) and/or what they do to maintain (e.g., use of products, working out…) their own beauty. Pay close attention to the language they use, what they say about how the standards have changed over time, and possibly what they do to meet the standard of beauty.
After conducting your interview and writing your field notes, you will have an opportunity to present your field notes/transcript to your peers to get feedback and suggestions on the connections to topics you may choose to explore in your final beauty narrative. Once you had your field notes reviewed write a “beauty narrative” that describes the experience and interprets it in relation to one or more of the topics covered in this class. You will be required to engage at least two (2) authors/texts from class that support or counter your personal narrative findings.
Analyze data and write a 1,200-word (~4-5 double-spaced pages) paper analyzing and presenting the narrative (80 points).

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