Pick a hot topic in genetics. Your topic should be current (< 5 years old).
* Describe your topic (1 paragraph; 1 reference) 1pt.
* Describe what we knew about this topic historically and how our understanding of this topic has evolved over time. (1 paragraph; at least 1 reference) 1pt.
* Summarize relevant primary literature articles that describe experimentation and groundbreaking findings on this topic. (multiple paragraphs; 3 reference minimum) 2pts.
* Describe the significance of recent findings in the field of research (1-2 paragraph(s); 2 references to back up your viewpoint) 2pts.
* Include a conclusion (1 paragraph) 1 pt.
* Presentation (Create a short Powerpoint Presentation; 2-5 slides, include visual aids) 2 pts.: 1 pt. for the presentation and 1 point for participation in the presentation discussion forum.
The paper should be double-spaced (12 pt. font) with a minimum of 4 double-spaced pages and a maximum of 5 pages. A list of references MUST be included at the end in order to receive a grade. The paper should be presented in APA format. Presentations should be presented in Powerpoint or equivalent.

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