Answer the following Questions
•    Describe three aspects of hospital pharmacy practice that you were not aware of prior to this rotation. How did learning about these areas affect your perception of hospital pharmacy?
•    Identify three areas of hospital pharmacy practice in which you would like to have more experience or learn more about.
•    How are the roles of pharmacists in hospital and community pharmacy settings similar? How are they different?
•    Describe your most interesting or significant interprofessional interaction while on IPPE Health System. ( I helped  with IV preparation and also I participated in meetings where I was able to teach the nurses how to  properly disposes left narcotics )
•    What activity or project completed on IPPE Health System are you most proud of? Why? (I was proud to be able to work on the IV preparation area and be able to mix medications, etc)
•    Regarding formal or informal feedback received from your preceptor or designee, what is the most significant piece of feedback you received? How do you plan to incorporate this feedback into your professional development?
•    Does hospital pharmacy interest you for your future career, why or why not? How has your IPPE Health System experience impacted your plans? (hospital pharmacy interest me but also community pharmacy , they are very different settings)
•    Did your preceptor understand the objectives, tools, and activities of IPPE Health System? If no, which objectives, tool, or activities do you feel should be emphasized? Yes
• What role pharmacy have in nurse’s patient care responsibilities?
• What role pharmacy have in respiratory therapist’s patient care responsibilities?

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