Describe community settings that support health promotion
Assignment Overview
In this writing assignment, you will research the health promotion resources available in your community. You can access the grading rubric for this assignment here: RUBRIC RN to BSN.docx download
The components of the Individual paper include the following:
Cover page
Body of the Paper using proper level heading
Conclusion/ Summary
Reference Page
Final Paper: 10-page body of the paper, double-spaced, APA format. This paper is due on the last day of Week 7 (Sunday at 11:59 PST).Step 1 Write a paper that focuses on resources.
Step 1 Write a paper that focuses on resources.
Address the following prompts in your paper:
You have suggested the following program design and have volunteered to supervise the operation. This program will link each client with a nurse using a camera and will require the purchase of 15 tablet computers that include an Internet connection. Training will occur with each client. Each client will have a weekly scheduled connection time with a clinic nurse to review medication, diet, and activity compliance. Data collection will include daily recording and submission of weight, general physical description of edema, activity tolerance, and other topics of concern. Each week, based on input from the clients, a teaching tool will be presented to introduce or review management tips for congestive health disease.
Describe the resources that promote health promotion that are available in your community.
Include the level of community participation.
Explain the specific health promotion resources that are available across the lifespan.
Include the level of participation for and any particular characteristics of the populations that use the resources.
Recommend a health promotion idea or ideas that may be developed into a health promotion program or programs in your community.
Identify the targeted populations with rationale to support the choice.

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