6. Company Objectives. This section defines what is to be
accomplished with the product or company when the marketing plan is
implemented. What are your profit, market share, product line expansion,
customer satisfaction, growth, strategic alliances and/or corporate social
responsibility objectives? (Select only two or three objectives, at most.)
Objectives should be specific, quantitative, and time defined. Example: We will
increase sales revenues by 10% by December 2022. (This section and the
marketing mix section involve the develop and implement stages of the DECIDE
7.Marketing Mix. As you prepare the marketing mix, ensure
that your plans will meet the objectives that you described in the previous
7.1 Product. Describe the product, its
packaging, and labeling in detail. If your product is a service, you should
describe the image of the service, the service environment (the ambiance, the
spatial layout, and signs and symbols), the physical product (the part of the
service that customers physically touch), the service personnel (customer
contact personnel should dress and behave appropriately to reflect the image),
and the service delivery (what actually happens from the time the customer
enters the business until they leave). How will you increase the frequency of
use by changing the product itself, increase the numbers of users by changing
the product, or find new uses for the product? Do you need to change
packaging/labeling or product quality? Does the product have to be modified to
offer more than your competitors or to be better positioned than your

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