Journal assignment:For Journal Entry 3, begin by watchingLecture 4. Choose one piece of music that you likeand one piece of music that you do not like/cannot stand/find boring/etc. You may choose any type of music (the pieces may come from any music tradition), but you may notchoose one of the compositionsthat we have studied in class.The compositions that you choose may be the same or different than those of the first two journals. The goal ofthis journal is to practice using the concepts and terminology learned in Lecture 4 –Duration andVolume.Topicfor Journal Entry 3:Duration andVolumeFor both of your chosen pieces, tryto distinguish where the beat is in the composition. Is thebeat prominent or subtle? Are you able to ascertain the grouping of the beats into larger units (metre)?[Do not worry if you are unable to discern the metre of the piece –this is very difficult for students who are just beginning to study music.]Does the music move quickly or slowly? Based on the chart provided during the lecture, what term wouldyou use to describe the tempo of the music? How would you describe the patterns that the rhythm creates in your chosen compositions?Describe the level of volume in each piece. Would you consider the volume level to be loud, soft or somewhere in between? Does the volume level change within each composition? Based on the chart provided during the lecture, what term(s)wouldyou use to describe the volume in each piece?Note: focus only onthe topics studied this week; do not include commentary about fundamental aspects of music that are studied in other lectures.Journal submission: Submit your journal entry as a Word file(.doc)or a PDF file. Please place your name and student number on the top of the page. For each piece that you choose, provide the composer/performer and title, and write a paragraph discussing the texture, volume and duration(note that journal entries that are too short –that do not address all three fundamental aspects –will only be given 1 mark instead of 2).Choose ‘Journal Entry 3Submission’ under Week 4on the Modules tab or under the Assignments tab and then click the ‘Submit Assignment’ button at the top of the page to submit your journal entry.

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