Kynndal had just turned two years old. She was a Daddy’s girl who loved to help her Dad wash his motorcycle. She could often be found running around the house making motorcycle noises and would ask her Dad to take her for a ride on his motorcycle. Dad would hold her and let her sit on his bike but he wasn’t ready to take her for a ride yet. She was too small and he feared she would fall off.
Since she couldn’t ride with Dad, for her birthday, Dad got her a battery propelled Lil’ Rider three wheeled sports bike. She was excited to rid her little bike and be like Daddy. On her first ride down the sidewalk, her neighbor’s dog (a big mastiff), ran over to Kyndall to greet her but accidentally knocked her off of the bike. Kyndall started crying and grabbing her leg. Seeing that the left leg had a huge knot, she was rushed to the neighborhood clinic where she was diagnosed with a fracture of the tibia. A pretty pink cast was placed on her leg and she was allowed to go home. A follow up visit to an orthopedic surgeon revealed that no surgery was necessary. Whew!
Answer the following questions and save your responses in a Microsoft Word document. Provide a scholarly resource in APA format to support your answers.
1. Describe the bone cells that are involved in generation of bone tissue.
2. Describe the steps of fracture repair.
3. The physician indicated that Kyndall was lucky because the fracture occurred about 3 inches below the epiphyseal plate. Why is this important? What are some possible outcomes if the epiphyseal plate had been damaged?
4. What type of fracture do you think occurred and why?
Minimum of 2 scholarly source.
Make sure you put it in your own words. Answer the questions accordable and I just need the answers. Elaborate and make sure the answers link with the scenario .

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