Complete the 4 page assignment. Please follow the rubric. I prefer aiming toward 100%.
In each section put a bullet point and write about it – including the description. I need to see the rubric was followed all the way. If you have any questions please ask.
Student one description
Select two specific disorders/disabilities from the chart below—the two disorders/disabilities cannot be from the same exceptionality category—and create two fictitious student profiles, one for each exceptionality, that include the following:
• Explanation of the exceptionality
• Educational history
• Current goals
• Present accommodations or modifications
In each section put a bullet point and write about it.
For example Student 1 (after you have did this set start on student two with a new header.:
-Explain possible modifications to the classroom environment that would promote inclusion.
Writing goes here.
-Describe five teaching strategies, accommodations, and/or modifications that facilitate inclusion for each exceptional learner.
Writing goes here
-Describe five adaptations to mathematics materials and align the materials and adaptations to the exceptional learners’ goals.
Writing goes here.
-Create three alternative assessment strategies that can be used to evaluate student learning. For each strategy, provide a development rationale (its purpose) including its appropriate use for the selected exceptionalities.
Writing goes here
-Describe five assistive technology or media resources that promote inclusion in the mathematics classroom.
Writing goes here.
-Develop a parent communication plan to collaborate and support student success that includes sections on accommodations and modifications and the use of assistive technology.
Writing goes here.

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