In a two-page (total) response, answer the following questions.
Demosclerosis is a concept that has been defined as “government’s progressive loss of the ability to adapt (Links to an external site.)” and “the inability of government to accomplish anything substantial (Links to an external site.).” Is the American political system suffering from demosclerosis? If not, why not? If yes, then what could be causing this phenomenon? Is demosclerosis necessarily a bad thing in light of the Founding Father’s intention to set up a constitutionally-limited republic in which the national and state governments and, at the national level, the three branches of government, were meant to check and balance each other? Should there be a Constitutional amendment to make it easier to repeal laws and regulations so that demosclerosis will not aid the gradual growth of government? Be sure to discuss interest groups, political parties, divided government, and other relevant concepts.
Refer to the Paper Assignment directions in the Syllabus for detailed instructions and writing resources.
Must have Title Block, Foot notes, Bibliography
Book: A More Perfect Union Harrison Harris

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