Objective: Demonstrate the ability to
apply sociological theories, perspectives, and concepts by using your chosen
topic as data collected in the field.
Written assignments are to be typed,
double-spaced, 12 pt. font, two pages minimum in length, and are to be submitted on-line
on or before the due date. Points based on content (critical sociological
analysis of the material) and appearance (grammar, spelling, organization).
Always keep a copy.
Topic: You have a close friend (since
childhood, real or imaginary) and he/she comes out gay to you or as transgender
(you choose). Describe in sociological terms and utilizing the symbolic
interactionist perspective, describe your new feelings and attitude
towards your friend. Give at least 3 examples of symbolic interactionism;
before and after. How has your relationship been changed? What will others think? What about your
This assignment focuses
on the micro-sociological level: what labels
& symbols apply? How are they altered? State clearly the labels
& symbols you point out.
The writing assignment will be worth 20 points
and will be graded according to the following criteria: 5 points for clearly
stating the topic and defining the appropriate sociological perspective (the
definition may be found in the glossary of your text.); 10 points for clearly
stating your position with at least 3 lines of reasoning in support of your
position employing sociological principles and sociological terms; and 5 points
for your summary and overall appearance (length, grammar, spelling, and
organization). No papers will be accepted after the specified due
date. No exceptions!

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