Article Review 2 Instructions
This assignment is
based upon the article Is There a Resurgence of Vaccine Preventable Diseases
in the U.S.?
Please respond to the following:
Summarize the articles major points. There are
three major points this article makes concerning Vaccine Preventable Diseases.
Define the following terms: vaccine compliance, vaccine completion, and undervaccination.
Briefly discuss the reasons for the resurgence of
measles, mumps, and pertussis.
Conduct a little research and determine which states
have mandatory vaccination requirements and which have philosophical exemptions?
The assignment is to be written as a paper. One source
should be given to support your response in addition to citing the
assigned article, which is already embedded in the course. The second source
cannot be your textbook. You should use
APA format, 12 font, double space, and write between 450500 words maximum.

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