For your presentation #1, please remember that the aim of the presentation is to allow you & your classmates to learn about one diagnosis that you will commonly encounter during your work as a NP. So your presentation should specifically be addressed to NP’s and follow this outline:
1. Define the disease/condition/statistics/cost
2. Causes/etiology/risk factors
3. Anatomy/Physiology/Pathophysiology
4. Management targeting the pathophysiology of the disease
5. Diagnostic tests and labs that specify what you are specifcally looking for e.g. Hb/Hct of RBC to…
6. Treatment (pharmacologic with name, dosage, starting dosage & titration based on certain criteria, contraindications, precautions, consideration of special population… & non-pharmacologic with specific reference to national guidelines) treatment/ selection of medications, names, titration….
5. Patient education
6. Follow up/monitoring
7. Special consideration to certain pt groups (e.g. high risk, contraindications of certain treatment, ethnic groups… )
The Diagnosis for this Presentation is REFLUX ESOPHAGITIS.
XXX Please include as many references as you can including medical terminologies as I will be presenting this material to professional Nurse Practitioners.

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