by the end of the week students will compose a research-based essay and informational brochure focusing on the Five Selves. This essay must be in APA format with a minimum of five (5) professional references.
Length: 1500-1750 words
The Whole Child text is a practical methods book for foundational or introductory courses in early childhood education. It explains how to teach and care for young children from infancy through Grade 3 in ways that foster healthy development. It helps professionals understand what children need from the learning environment in order to thrive. For that reason, it focuses on the child and pictures him or her as composed of a number of selves: the physical self, the emotional self, the social self, the cognitive self, and the creative self.
Part 1: Essay
In your essay, provide a comprehensive explanation of each of the Five Selves.
Physical Self
Emotional Self
Social Self
Cognitive Self
Creative Self
The explanation will include, but is not limited to:
The benefits of developing each
Research connected to each self
Specific strategies that educators can implement to develop each self
You will use the text as your guide, but you will also use outside research by citing a minimum of five (5) professional references.
Part 2: Brochure
Create a research-based brochure for families that outlines the Five Selves. Include:
Explanation of each self
The importance/benefits of developing each self
One specific strategy that families can implement for developing each self in children
Be sure to use all six panels on the brochure wisely and include a solid balance between text and graphics. Three (3) references must be included on this brochure.

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