The paper is a “Fact Sheet” about the Allen Cognative Level assessment tool for Occupational Therapists. Follow the grading ruberic. Below is the class instruction:
Instructions: Fact Sheet
Create a fact sheet of one relevant occupational therapy assessment tool that will be posted for the class.
How: Upload the format provided by your instructor for the assignment tool to the assignment link. The following information should be considered/included: the title of the assessment, an overview of the purpose of the assessment, the type of assessment, how it is administered, cost, typical diagnosis/conditions that it is appropriate for, age ranges the assessment covers, reliability and validity information, area of the domain it assesses, time it takes to administer, type of scoring methodology, equipment required, training (if any), key concepts of the assessment, additional considerations, and references.

When: Check the syllabus for specific due date.
Where the concepts can be applied: This assignment will enable you to review an assessment tool and investigate important characteristics of the tool that would help you decide if it is worthy of using with a client. The exercise will help you create a blueprint of the information you would need to obtain when you investigate any new assessment tool in the future. Sharing these fact sheets with your peers also creates a library of information you can use moving forward in the curriculum.

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