You are to select one of the following companies – Amazon, eBay, Target, Barnes & Noble, any major travel site, any major airline, any major hardware/software retailer, or any major mobile provider – or a retail company of your choosing (with my approval). With this company and their website in mind, you need to complete the following:
Create a Context Diagram and a Level-0 Diagram for the “order placement” process. You do not have to actually place an order or spend any money.
Create a set of questions (minimum of six (6)) you could take to the appropriate people in the company to learn more about the “order placement” process in order to uncover any missing aspects from your DFD.
Brainstorm two (2) new functionality features for the company’s “order placement” process. For each new functionality, describe the problem that exists by not having the functionality and describe how the new functionality will solve that problem or gap.

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