Independently advance an argument with claims and evidence that demonstrate critical thinking through original and sophisticated analysis and explanations of evidence
Construct counterarguments and counterclaims
Utilize rhetorical analysis to guide decisions while writing and revising
Compose complex sentences that are clear and varied
Using what you have learned about the three means of persuasion (pathos, ethos, logos), the four discourse modes (narrative, descriptive, informative, argumentative), figurative language and other literary devices, you will write a classical 5-part Aristotelian argument of at least 1500 words.
Remember, your paper MUST include the five sections of an Aristotelian argument!You may select from most topics that may interest you, but you may not select any of the following topics:
– Abortion. Abortion has been written about over and over again. While it is an important issue, there may be limited topics to discuss that are innovative.
– Gun control. This topic for a research paper can be interesting and lends itself to argumentation, but again, it has been done to death. There may be political aspects that could be interesting to write about that others have not explored.
-Capital punishment. There are strong opinions, and it can be difficult to develop a unique angle that hasn’t been done already.
-Bullying. This can be a sensitive topic for some, and it can be a challenge to learn about from different perspectives.
-Politics. This topic presents a number of complex ideas that may leave students taking too much time collecting information. As with some other topics it can be difficult to present an argument without strong, irrefutable opposition.
-Race. Another topic known to offend others, depending on how details are presented.
-Religion. Another complex topic with details you must get correct to avoid offending others.
-Smoking. Many are for or against it, and we know this already. So what is new?
Assignment Description
You will develop a 1500+ word logical argument that includes the following sections:
Your essay will be written in APA format and will include title and resources pages. You should integrate and cite at least five academic sources in your essay. You should not write an abstract for this assignment, and your bibliography should not be annotated.
Note that there is no peer review element to this assignment.
Sustains a cohesive argument supporting a clear thesis
Provides a fresh approach to an important topic
Incorporates and cites outside sources as assigned

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