The crop factshhet is designed to support you in integrating your growing understanding of crops and their response to the environment, and being able to describe and discuss this understanding in a clear manner. These skills are essential graduate attributes for students of the agricultural sciences and related disciplines who need to articulate ideas and information to a range of clients and stakeholders. The report will take the form of a Crop Factsheet.
Crop Factsheet Details
Construct an information factsheet on a crop of your choice that is grown in Australia. The crop may be broadacre or horticultural (including orchard) and should be grown in soil and not hydroponic.
The goal is to provide technical information that would enable informed public and growers to get an idea of the growing requirements, areas of suitability for production and basic assessment of the future market for/sustainability of, the crop.
Include information on:
Physiological traits
Environmental preferences and main growing region/s
Management requirements
Main disease and pest issues
An informed opinion on the future/sustainability of the crop as a viable production option.
Include images and tables as you see fit. Length: 2 A4 pages + separate reference list.

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