Conducting Psychological Analyses – Dramatic
Submit a 3-5 page manuscript that contains a psychological analysis of a television program or movie, not including the title page or reference list (the 5-7 pages listed in the syllabus includes the title and reference pages).
Option 1—Television Program:
Select an episode from a popular, 30-60 min television
program, describe the salient behaviors, activities, and/
or interactions, and interpret that scene using psychological
concepts and principles. The presentation
should identify the title of the program and the name of
the television network. Describe the episode and paraphrase
the dialogue. Finally, interpret behavior using
appropriate concepts and/or principles that refer to the
research literature. You may use textbooks and Internet sources (but not Wikipedia) as support of your position.
Option 2—Movie Analysis:
Analyze a feature film, available at a local video store or currently released,
for its psychological content. Discuss the major themes
but try to concentrate on applying some of the more
obscure psychological terms, theories, or concepts. For
example, the film Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? deals
with prejudice and stereotypes, but less obviously, there
is material related to attribution theory, person perception,
attitude change, impression formation, and nonverbal
communication. Briefly describe the plot and then
select key scenes that illustrate one or more psychological
principles. Describe how the principle is illustrated in
the movie and provide a critical analysis of the illustration
that refers to the research literature. You may use textbooks and Internet sources (but not
Wikipedia) to support your analysis.
Papers need to be written in APA manuscript style (7th ed.) and include a title page and reference list. Everyone will have at least one reference—that for the name of the TV program or movie used for the paper.

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