Step 1: Choose one of the cases (as cited in the M3 Content Guide) below:
Recent Cases:
Google Health Data Project Under Scrutiny
Parents Are Leery Of Schools Requiring ‘Mental Health’ Disclosures By Students
Big Data Peeps At Your Medical Records To Find Drug Problems
Early Cases:
High Court To Hear HIV-Positive Pilot’s Privacy Case
When Your Boss Wants Your DNA
Kan. Court Weighs Medical Records in Abortion Case
Step 2: Review your case and use the following to help shape your analysis:
Gabrieli’s Three-Zone Confidentiality Model
Patient control of Information
Privacy and confidentiality laws
Use of information for social good
Medical ethics
Step 3: Conduct a research online to find 2-3 scholarly resources and 2-3 web references to support your perspectives. I would also encourage you to find out and report any developments related your case since the publication of the article that covered the case. You can use Empire State College’s Online Library as part of your research.
Your essay should be 3-4 pages long (excluding your cover and bibliography pages), double spaced, and formatted according to APA Style.
For assistance completing this learning activity, please review the Library Resources and Academic Integrity page in the Course Information module. Your assignment will be evaluated according to the Grading Rubric for Written Papers.

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