1. In Chapter 8, Mary Cowhey focuses on historical myths that are often
reinforce in social studies curriculum. Describe a historical topic that you
later discovered was inaccurate or incomplete in its narrative. How does
Cowhey engage her students in dispelling historical myths? Explain the
effectiveness of using materials from multiple perspectives?
2. One page 143, Cowhey introduced the science behind circumnavigation
through the use of nonfiction books. Explain how using nonfiction texts can
help students gain deep knowledge. Use specific examples from the chapter
3. An important component of historical thinking involves the ability to
evaluate and analyze multiple sources. What specific strategies does
Cowhey use to help her students construct meaning about the past?
4. Compare and contrast Cowheys unit on exploration versus Rob Cuddi. Rob
Cuddi had three essential questions for his overall theme. Write your own
essential question that would be applicable for Cowheys unit on explorers.
What meaning(goals) does she want her students to understand?
5. Look over your essential question you developed for Cowheys class.
Imagine what you would want your students to know. Imagine what you
would want your students to do? Now think about her activity of
stimulating an alien invasion. Would this activity be effective in your
classroom? Explain why.

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