As we had learned to date, society and technology exist in a symbiotic relationship over time. In this assignment, you will look at this relationship comparatively, in 2 different eras.
The current pandemic has disrupted both society and technology in unforeseen and unanticipated ways and its impact has been devastating upon all humanity. The same was true of the pandemic in 1918.
In this assignment you are asked to:
Compare and contrast at least 2 similarities or differences between the current crisis and that of The Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. Compose a minimum solid paragraph on each selection.
As vaccination distribution has been ongoing for several months now and considering the latest CDC recommendations this month, brighter days are ahead. Yet, things will never go back to the way they were before the outbreak. Many social and technological challenges, opportunities, as well as global social divisions, have been exposed by the crisis. Select at least one way you think social and/or technology can/should be altered looking ahead to the future.
Some areas of consideration are: national/international/local economy; business; supply chains, the workplace; healthcare; demographics (think cities and particular cities here); education (higher ed and/or K-12); transportation; personal relationships, sports (professional/collegiate/amateur), etc.
As before, the minimum work count is 400 words, the minimum amount of cited sources (above and beyond websites) is 3. All submission should include an opening with a thesis and a conclusion as well.

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