Assignment Overview
Your PASSport includes an Annotated Bibliography due Week 8. It will include a record of 10 reference list citations on a topic of your choosing. Below each entry, you will provide an annotation – or brief summary – of the main ideas from the text. This week, begin work on your bibliography by conducting research in the APU Library databases.
Submit a draft Annotated Bibliography of at least four sources. These will give you some practice and allow you to get feedback from your instructor before having to do the full assignment in Week 7.

Assignment Instructions
You must include a Title Page.
Review this Annotated Bibliographies (opens in a new window) handout.
Cite at least four references from the APU Library databases in APA style.
Provide a brief summary (3 sentences minimum) in your own words below each source.
Follow the example in the handout for APA style formatting of your Annotated Bibliography.
Assignment Requirements
Follow APA style formatting for a References page:
Use Times New Roman 12 point font and double spacing.
Label the page References.
List the entries in alphabetical order.
Use a hanging indent for the reference listings (i.e. indent the second and subsequent lines of each entry.)
Skip an additional line after each annotation, before the next entry.

Submission Instructions
During the dates of availability for this assignment, a button will display below which will allow you to type your submission into a text editing window. Only the instructor will be able to view your submission.
Always refer to your course syllabus (opens in new window) for details on grading criteria and the university’s late work policy.
Before submitting an assignment for grading, always check your written work for spelling and grammar errors. Click the spell-check links in the Assignment Helps for step-by-step instructions.

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