In the middle to late years of the first millennium after Christ, there were some major changes – religious, cultural, social, economic – that affected the status and role of women compared to earlier centuries.  As you read through Chapters 3 and 4, note the activities and accomplishments of women during the early stages of monasticism and then compare that to the end of the first millennium when scholasticism was becoming more popular and the Roman Church was initiating stricter requirements and control on its members  (see the last four pages of Chapter 4 under “Changes of the New Millennium”
Reference Book: “Feminine Threads” –
Write a 3-4 page paper covering the following points related to this topic:
Beginning with the section “Christian Women and the Ascetic Life” in Chapter 3, choose two exemplary women who were involved in monasticism and summarize their accomplishments, doing some extra research on them.
Then compare that with the role of women during the 1100-1200s AD when scholasticism was becoming more popular (see the last four pages of Chapter 4).  How did the changes in the requirements of the Roman Catholic Church regarding the priests and the administration of the sacraments affect women?
Do some extra research on this subject and evaluate those requirements instituted by the Roman Catholic Church in the light of Scripture.
Support your work with scholarly academic resources using APA formatting/citations.

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