Women in all cultures since God first created Eve have had opportunities to minister and be used by the Lord (as we are studying in this course).  The 19th century brought an increase of benevolent societies and organizations as women had more opportunities for education and involvement.  According to Severance, these societies could be divided into three categories – benevolent, reform, and feminist.
Reference Book:  Feminine Threads
Follow these guidelines to complete this assignment:
Do an online search for “benevolent organizations,” “reform organizations,” and “feminist organizations” and list any three organizations under each category that serve women or were started by women (9 total).
In reference book by Severance (2011) told us that Elizabeth Fry, who worked on prison reform for women, believed that the “amelioration of physical needs was incomplete help to the individual if the spiritual needs were not met as well.”
In at least two paragraphs, answer the following question:  What do you think of Fry’s statement and can you think of some verses that would apply?
Which of those organizations that you listed are known to be actively Christian in that they proclaim the gospel along with the other services they provide?  (explain in another paragraph)
What is your involvement with any organization or ministry that helps people (including your local church)?  As you evaluate those ministries you are specifically involved in, describe any areas where you think there could be some improvement in ministering to spiritual needs, especially in regard to sharing the gospel.  What might be some steps you could take to help initiate that?  (2 paragraphs)
Support work with scholarly academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided.
APA format is required.

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