After viewing the movie indian horse by richard wagamese, answer the following questions thoroughly and submit them in writing or as a voice recording using the blue [Submit Assignment] button at the top of this page.
The film “Indian Horse” is based on a novel of the same name, by Richard Wagamese, which is now being taught in Grade 10 across Canada. The film is a powerful teaching tool but is rated 14A and is not suitable for students younger than Grade 10. How would you handle teaching younger children about the important history of residential schools?
In the later scenes of the film, Saul sees a familiar looking person laying on a mattress in a laneway. Is this Lonnie? How does seeing this person affect Saul? What are the author and filmmakers saying to audiences in this short scene?
Canada’s former Governor General Michaelle Jean said that “when the present doesn’t recognize the wrongs of the past, the future takes its revenge. For that reason, we must never, never turn away from the opportunity of confronting history together – the opportunity to right a historical wrong”. How does this quote relate to the film?
At what point would you say that Saul begins to heal from his past? Explain why that moment is significant.

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