The purpose of this assignment is two-fold: 1) to provide you a structured opportunity to actively experiment with your new knowledge and understanding of academic integrity and, 2) to practice writing and talking about your academic integrity violation for such things as graduate and professional school applications.

First, consider applications you might be completing in the future which may require you to talk about your academic integrity violation (e.g., dental, medical, pharmacy, graduate school applications). Second, compose an essay that does the following four things:
1. Conveys critical information points about your violation (i.e., what happened/what mistake did you make, what led to this error, what were the harms/negative impacts to others, what happened/how it was resolved);
2. Includes a constructive analysis of the situation, paying particular attention to what you could have done differently;
3. Includes what you have learned as a result of the violation and participation in the AI Seminar and relate those learnings to your future (i.e., how it will make you a better doctor, dentist, accountant, engineer, or your profession of choice).
Note: Remember to be as specific as possible. It may help to incorporate a particular example of how you have already changed and connect it to how it will make you better in your chosen profession.
4. Articulates how your experience can actually benefit the employer/school to which you are applying (i.e., how will what you learned from this experience help your future school and/or profession?; what will your specific contribution be?).
Note: While you cant predict the future, it is recommended that you continue to write as concretely as possible. It may help to think of examples of the most likely ways that your experience will assist your contributions to future academic and professional communities.
The Seminar Instructor will give you feedback should you ever want to actually modify this essay for use in the future.
FINAL PRODUCT NOTES: In order for you to facilitate your meeting of the specified learning objectives, the final submission of this Essay would have to be at least 530 words (much longer than an actual application essay might be), but you may use as many words as necessary to convey your learnings and yourself in a convincing and compelling way.

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