Answer the following question fully using complete sentences. Use quotations from the assigned reading. The response should be a minimum of one paragraph in length (five sentences). You should be writing in formal, academic voice (strict 3rd person perspective) and use in-text citation (MLA or APA is fine) where needed. Partial credit will not be given if the response does not answer all aspects of the question adequately. The response should be revised for clarity, correctness, and neatness prior to submission.
1.                                    “Kid’s Stuff,” Michael Chabon, p. 940
Good proposals present a well-defined problem so that readers understand the need for a solution. What problem does Michael Chabon present? How persuasively does he make the case for its existence and seriousness?
2.                “Don’t Make English Official—Ban It Instead,” Dennis Baron, p. 949
Dennis Baron signals that his proposal is meant as satire when he writes, “I would like to offer a modest proposal to resolve the language impasse in Congress. Don’t make English official, ban it instead.” Here Baron alludes to Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal,” an essay that is a tour de force of satire. If we aren’t meant to take his proposal at face value – and we aren’t – what is its purpose? What, in other words, is the real argument Baron is making?
3.                              “The Politics of Stairs,” Johnna S. Keller, p. 953
The title of Keller’s essay is “The Politics of Stairs.” Since “politics” can be thought of as the ways in which power is used in a society, what does this title imply about the role of power in the design of public places? What kinds of power is Keller alluding to? Who has it? Who doesn’t?
4.                    “Proposal for Ogden Playground Project,” Ghabrial, Hardy, & Committee, p. 959
A key feature of a proposal is a convincing argument for the proposed solution. Does the authors’ solution seem feasible to you? Why or why not?
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