: You are a person living in the United States between 1800 and 1860, and you see many issues and reform movements arising around you.
Step 1, gather evidence (statistics, events, and examples) from your textbook and class lectures concerning the various Reform Movements and related issues between 1800 and 1860.
Step 2, analyze the evidence. See which movement or movements you would have likely joined and why, as well as which movements might not appeal to you and why.
Step 3, communicate your findings honestly to yourself and others. Write a three-page paper (around 1,500 words) showing your analyses and copious evidence that led you to your conclusions. Submit the paper by going to the “Course Work” tab, select “Assignments,” and submit your paper in the appropriate folder.
Purpose: Essentially, every college student is a reformer, reforming themselves into a skilled technician, scientist, teacher, artist, researcher, or engineer. This assignment addresses your career goals, and how you would have fit into (or not fit into) a series of reform movements that evolved throughout the United States from around 1800 to 1860.

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