Students will critically review and analyse one of the below-given research articles with an in-depth discussion, justification and analysis of methodology and methods. Students are required to provide a summary of the review at the end to demonstrate a well-developed understanding of the validity and reliability/trustworthiness of the research study.

For this assessment:
Analyse and critically Review using the appropriate Critical Appraisals Skills Programme (CASP) tool.
Argue and Justify whether the methodology and methods are appropriate to address the research problem.
Students are required to articulate, discuss and justify the strengths and weaknesses using relevant supporting evidence.
our assignment must have an introduction, a body (which is the content of your analysis) and a conclusion.
Use at least 10 additional peer-reviewed journal articles using APA 7th FORMAT/guidelines to support your analysis. Information cited from an unreliable website, pamphlets or magazines is not acceptable for this paper.

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