CONTENT Your paper should include the following elements:
One sentence indicating what percentage of the book you read: I read ____ % of the book I am using for this Book Review. Please include this statement on the title page under your name.
A brief summary of the main concepts discussed in the book.
An analysis that clearly communicates the importance of the concepts discussed in the book. Be sure to use examples from the book.
A reflection on why the material presented in the book is relevant to Christian cross-cultural work. Be sure to use Scripture to support your thoughts.
A point of application – Explain how this material can apply to your field of study and discuss one element that you hope to incorporate into your field and/or ministry.
A title page and bibliography are required in addition to the 3 pages of content.
Citations from the text are required throughout the paper – Please use material from the book in your book review.
Current Turabian formatting is required.
See the assignment rubric for more details regarding paper formatting.

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